Manuel Charr Brutally Knocked Out In 5 By Mairis Briedis

In a fight that some thought perennial heavyweight contender Manuel Charr would win, the tables were dramatically turned up side down on that notion.


As the old saying goes, “It only takes one punch” when dealing with the big men in boxing, the heavyweights.

It was proved to be very true again last night in Russia, when little known Latvian heavyweight Mairis Briedis delivered a perfectly timed right uppercut on the marauding Charr, sending him violently face first through the ropes.

Perhaps one of the most graphic knockouts in recent times.

The right uppercut was followed by a glancing left hand blow that helped direct Charr towards the ropes, who was clearly out before he even hit the canvas.

The referee rightly waved things off straight away, as there was no need for a count whatsoever.

What next for Charr? It’s hard to say, he certainly will drop out of contention in a lot of the rankings following this. Mairis Briedis moves to 17-0 (14KO) however, and could very well be one to watch out for.

Despite his relatively small frame for a heavyweight – he certainly packs a punch.

Here’s the brutal KO as it happened:

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