Almost 40000 tickets sold for Klitschko vs Fury

It looks like this year’s biggest heavyweight fight is already living up to the hype, and has the ticket sales to prove it.


Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury could very well be one of the most interesting heavyweight fights for fans in years, due to the massive difference in personalities, size of the two giant heavyweights involved and the fact Fury is undefeated and will have a slight size advantage on the champion.

Tyson Fury’s promoter Mick Hennessy has said that tickets are absolutely flying out the door for the Dusseldorf clash in Germany, with the show well on track to be a totally full house and sell out crowd of a whopping 55,000 boxing fans.

Speaking to the folks at The Mirror Hennessy said, “We are already close to selling 40,000 tickets and it is guaranteed to be a 55,000 sellout”.

Music to the ears of excited boxing fans, no doubt.

It is anticipated that there will be another press conference held in the UK next month at some point, where the two men will meet again following their previous (initial) meeting in Germany to announce the fight, where Fury speaking on what he thought of the champion’s personality said: “You have about as much charisma as my underpants”.

Expect plenty more verbals as the promotion for this mega heavyweight show gathers momentum in the coming weeks and months.

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