Video: Shane Mosley On Fighter And The Kid

New UFC on FOX podcast hit “The Fighter and The Kid” hosted by comic Bryan Callen and UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, had some boxing royalty in studio this week.


“Sugar” Shane Mosley joined the guys to talk all things boxing, and indeed everything in between, in a very candid and enjoyable episode.

The podcast has garnered a lot of attention this year and continues to grow in popularity.

On a personal note as someone who has watched and listened to a lot of podcasts over the years, and having watched quite a few episodes of “The Fighter and The Kid” so far, I can see why it.

It’s genuinely very compelling and has a different “feel” to a lot of other podcasts currently out there.

Mosley appeared this week ahead of his grudge match up with Nicaragua’s Ricardo Mayorga next week, which will mark an exciting fight in terms of the two power punching fight styles, at the least.

There has been questions over whether Shane should still be fighting which were also addressed in this episode of the podcast.

Whatever the case maybe, “Sugar” Shane seemed as enthusiastic and motivated as ever in this episode, which he turned up to ready to go with his shirt off and hand wraps on:

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