GGG Fight Style Proof You Don’t Have To Trash Talk

The press tour for Gennady Golovkin vs David Leimieux was in full swing this week, and one quote in particular by GGG really stood out.


When he said to the folks at Boxing Scene, “People love my style, I don’t dance, I fight” – perhaps he couldn’t have been more on the money, not just regarding himself, but relating to other top middleweights at the moment too.

Another quote that stood out for me this week on the GGG vs Lemieux press tour was when Gennday Golovkin said he was actually “scared of David Lemieux”.

He obviously meant this in the competitive sense of losing and not been scared of taking punches from the challenger, but this candid openness from a top level boxing world champion was refreshing.

It almost goes against the old thought that you have to swear, trash talk and wind your opponent up in front of the media to sell fights, when you clearly don’t.

Besides his humility and professionalism outside the ring, which have won him many fans, it really comes down to his fight style in the ring for me – in terms of why there is such a fascination around him at the moment.

He gets in there, walks guys down, has subtle foot work that cuts off the ring from anyone who tries to run, takes punches with some type of subhuman chin, and delivers some of the most bone chilling body and head shots we’ve seen in perhaps a decade, or so.

In many ways his fight style has captured the public’s imagination (all be it to a lesser extent) like Mike Tyson’s did back in the late eighties and early nineties.

People were tuning in to see a devastating knockout. They didn’t know exactly when it was coming, but they knew it was coming.

It’s almost that primal intrigue into a fighter’s style like GGG’s that draws the fans in to witness a guy get literally cleaned out and rendered unconcious, as barbaric as that may sound.

A modern day Mike Tyson perhaps, ripping his way though the middleweight division like a knife through butter.

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