DBB Big Fight Special – Predictions – Mayweather, Khan & Broner

By Niall Doran

Ah yes Cinco De Mayo weekend is upon us, or as many fight fans refer to it “Cinco De Mayweather”. This time on the calender ever year has become synonymous with big time boxing in recent years because of the man they call “Money” traditionally boxing on this weekend. Love him or hate him, he certainly knows how to draw a crowd and generate gigantic interest, to the point of him now becoming a massive main stream, global celebrity.

The pound for pound best fighter in boxing (and at this stage the biggest sports star in the world) Floyd Mayweather goes back to work and what he does best on Saturday night when he steps into the ring against the teak tough Argentinian Marcos Maidana.

Here’s my predictions for the main fights on this Saturday’s “The Moment” Event:


Mayweather vs Maidana

I have all the respect in the world for Maidana but I just think his style is going to be tailor made for Floyd (even more so than recent opponents). His slow footwork and lack of head movement in my opinion could make this a very brutal beat down in what I feel could be Mayweather’s first win inside the distance in quite some time.

My pick: Mayweather by KO/TKO


Khan vs Collazo

A very tough introduction to the welterweight division for Amir Khan. Collazo is a big strong welterweight and the man from Brooklyn is in great form coming off the back of some good wins. The jury is still out on Virgil Hunter but I think everything takes time and this could be the fight that we really see the improvements from Khan. I know Collazo has only ever been stopped once but I going to put my neck on the line with this one too.

My pick: Khan by KO/TKO


Broner vs Molina

Adrien Broner is coming off the first loss of his career which you think might have humbled him a small bit, not the case. All week he has been his usual self with the talk and bravado but one would have to think that behind the scenes he has taken this fight with Carlos Molina very seriously.

I’d be looking for Broner to bounce back in this one and make all three of my weekend picks stoppage wins (could be good odds on a treble).

My pick: Broner by KO/TKO

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