George Foreman Reveals What Was Evander Holyfield’s Best Punch

Evander Holyfield was one of very few boxing champions in history that made the move from cruiserweight to heavyweight successfully.

Often out-weighed and out gunned in power punching at heavyweight, this never held him back.

His speed, tenacity, heart, skill and determination saw him hold both the cruiserweight and heavyweight titles.

Certainly one of boxing’s greatest ever warriors.

Oldest heavyweight champion in history George Foreman pointed to his key strengths recently.

And in particular, his best punch:

Body punches really are very effective in professional boxing.

You only have to look at the big fight just gone at the weekend involving Alvarez and Saunders to see that.

Here are the highlights of what was a brutal fight between Foreman and Holyfield:


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Tyson Fury Snaps Back At Rival In Explosive Tweet

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