Fulfilling and Falling Short of Potential in Boxing

Every boxer that steps into the squared circle as a pro has a certain amount of potential of what they can achieve, but the reality of what that can be often is influenced by a variety of factors.


There are fighters that show huge potential coming from the amateur game or the Olympics but then money, bad management, lack of training and believing all the hype too early, makes them fall short of what they could have achieved in there career.

Notably in this regard, two fighters that spring to mind that are scheduled to fight each other on June 23rd – are Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto.

Both fighters had huge potential to become greats, but fell short in my opinion.

Andre Berto was voted 2006 ‘Prospect of the Year’, he is a two-time welterweight champion but could have achieved so much more. He was billed to take over boxing and be the next rising star, but his first loss came in fact against Ortiz in 2011.

He hasn’t ever seemed to recover or return to the fighter he once was. Ortiz also was voted ‘Prospect of the Year’ in 2008.

He is a former WBC welterweight champion, too. But because of a lack of discipline, he has been disqualified in fights and has had losses and draws on his record.

Ortiz and Berto first fight was voted fight of the year and in June could be another war but i don’t see either regaining the momentum they had in the beginning of there careers.

Another fighter that had huge potential was Adrien Broner, even though he is a four-weight world champion at the age of 26, which is quite the feat.

He is arguably one of the most hated fighters in boxing because of his attitude and demeanour, in the eyes of many online at least.

(Via TMZ):

It looks like he loves the rich lifestyle and rapping career more than focusing on become the best in the world, where at the lower weights – he could have achieved.

Life outside boxing, attitude and moving up in weight too soon have halted his potential to become a legend and at the moment, it doesn’t seem he will get back on track.

On the flip side of the potential coin, a fighter that in my opinion who has surpassed the potential people thought he had is Anthony Crolla (30-4-3-12KOs).

I have always been a fan of Crolla. His style and courage in the ring are very appealing. But in recent years he has really upped his game, he looks more determined than ever and deservedly won a world title.

Anthony is still improving with every fight and shows if you put in the work it pays off.

There are also a new crop of fighters coming through that have potential to go all the way to the top in my view, to reach that all elusive top five pound for pound status one day.

Notable mentions are Keith Thurman 26-0-1 (22KOs), Errol Spence 20-0 (17KOs), Chris Eubank Jr 22-1 (17KOs) and Anthony Joshua 16-0 (16KOs).

If fighters stay focused to training, motivated and get the right team around them they can achieve a lot.

But money, greed and thinking you are bigger than what you are, and bigger than the sport itself too early, and you can come unstuck against someone hungrier.

Boxing is just one of those sports.

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