Gervonta Davis Kicks Off Next-Level Elevating Things For The Sport of Boxing On Amazon Prime

Who would have thought boxing would be on the likes of powerhouse Amazon Prime? Amazing. Gervonta Davis kicks it off this coming weekend.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Prime is top tier when it comes to streaming platforms.

With respect, far bigger than DAZN, who are doing a fine job by the way so far growing boxing.

But when you’re talking Amazon Prime and the likes of Netflix, or even smaller ones like Peacock streaming showing Boxxer fights — they on their own by the way are around 34 million reported subscribers — maybe around 14 million more than that of DAZN — you are talking next level.

Companies like Google (who own YouTube) and Meta are missing out big time at the moment.

When both major traditional media conglomerates in both the East and the West, as well as new powerhouse streaming services — are going to the next level with one of the most popular sports on Earth now — professional boxing.

Alas, boxing is a sport that transcends sport. It always has if you look at its rich history.

It is doing it again now in 2024 but in different, more technically advanced, ways.

There is levels to everything and everyone at the end of the day, no matter what no one says.

Gervonta Davis is on the top level of today’s American fighters in the sport of boxing.

Pound for pound.

His pedigree is matched with the level of platform in Amazon Prime this weekend.

Davis has built a legitimate star brand in the United States (as Amazon Prime have in the US mostly – even though a worldwide company) through quality of performance.

It wasn’t long ago that Davis knocked out Ryan Garcia, cold.

Quickly, too.

Davis’ boxing ability fight by fight is improving too, that’s the crucial point.

‘Tank’ is a very tough individual.

The planet lives in some interesting times at the moment.

Ultimately, that’s where the special ability for sport to bring people together and capture the imagination of the masses even in these twisted, garbage times arises, however.

When done well, boxing does this like no other, really.

Boxing, actually, like Gervonta Davis is doing great things.

Davis at 29-0-27 KO takes on Frank Martin this weekend in the fight capital of Las Vegas.

Yes, Vegas used to be the fight capital of the world before the brilliant Saudi Arabia (thank God and God bless them) got involved in boxing, but Davis is one of America’s best fighters of today’s times.

A rare talent and man of genuine substance.

He represents probably for us, the best young American fighter (Terence Crawford being no.1) there is in the sport. At this time.

Everyone was giving Ryan Garcia huge plaudits recently but Davis took him out easily by knockout last year. People forget that. Only last year too.

There is a reason that Amazon Prime is thought to have at least 200 million subscribers (some reports suggest as high as even 230 million, DAZN maybe has around as little as 20 to 22 million subscribers — just to put things into perspective).

They know the streaming industry and see Davis, as well as other fighters under PBC (Premier Boxing Champions) as having the ability to generate new interest for them.

Lead by Davis — starting this weekend.

This is a huge opportunity both for Davis, the sport of boxing and the giant that is Amazon Prime this weekend.

More people are watching boxing than ever before.

This trend looks set to only grow.

Roll on.

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