Boxing’s Boom: Streaming Platforms Subscriber Numbers in 2024

Boxing's Boom: Streaming Platforms Subscriber Numbers in 2024

The world of boxing is experiencing a seismic shift as it increasingly finds its home on digital streaming platforms. The numbers revealed.

This growth explosion has not only broadened the sport’s audience but also fragmented it across various platforms.

A look at the subscriber base of these platforms offers a glimpse into the magnitude of boxing’s digital reach in 2024.

A simply colossal worldwide sport we have now.

All things considering.

Note: Netflix will just show the one fight in boxing this year in Tyson vs Paul November 15th) — on its own giving boxing a huge streaming reach however.

The Giants of Streaming: Netflix and Amazon Prime

Leading the pack are the streaming titans, Netflix (showing Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul this year) and Amazon Prime (starting with Gervonta Davis’ big fight against Martin this weekend), boasting a combined subscriber base of roughly half a billion approx.

While not exclusively focused on sports (they bring boxing to new audiences), these platforms have made significant forays into boxing, securing rights to high-profile matches and documentaries.

  • Netflix: With an estimated 270 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix has the potential to introduce boxing to a vast audience that may not be traditional fight fans.
  • Amazon Prime: Boasting approximately 230 million subscribers, Amazon Prime has leveraged its platform to offer exclusive boxing content, further solidifying its position in the sports streaming landscape.

Dedicated Sports Platforms: ESPN+ and DAZN

Dedicated sports streaming services like ESPN+ and DAZN have carved a niche for themselves by catering specifically to sports enthusiasts.

  • ESPN+: With a subscriber base of about 25 million, ESPN+ has become a go-to platform for boxing fans in the United States, offering a mix of live events, classic fights, and original programming.
  • DAZN: Having amassed around 20 million subscribers globally, DAZN has positioned itself as a major player in the boxing world, securing exclusive rights to several high-profile fights and fighters.

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Niche Players: Peacock, FITE TV, and TNT Sports

While smaller in scale, platforms like Peacock, FITE TV, and TNT Sports play a crucial role in broadening the reach of boxing to specific demographics and regions.

  • Peacock: With an estimated 34 million subscribers, Peacock’s foray into boxing is relatively new, but it has already secured rights to notable events and fighters.
  • FITE TV: As part of TrillerTV, FITE TV boasts approximately 8 million subscribers and has established itself as a platform for combat sports, including boxing.
  • TNT Sports: While its subscriber base of around 1 million is relatively small, TNT Sports plays a significant role in the UK and Ireland, broadcasting major boxing events to a dedicated audience.

The Combined Reach: A Fragmentation of the Audience

The total number of approximate subscribers all of the above have as of the time of this article in June 2024 is:

588 million subscribers across the main Western streaming platforms as of mid 2024 approx.

The combined subscriber reach of these platforms paints a picture of a sport that is increasingly accessible to a global audience, most definitely.

However, the fragmentation of this audience across various platforms presents both challenges and opportunities for the sport.

Non-English Speaking Nations Not Included, Focus Mostly On The West For Today

The above numbers do not account for subscriber platforms showing boxing in more non-English speaking countries like Germany, Brazil, France, Mexico, The Philippines and many others.

On one hand, the diversity of platforms allows for a wider range of content and caters to specific preferences.

But on the other hand, it can make it difficult for fans to keep track of where to find their favorite fights and fighters.

Challenges and Opportunities for Boxers, Promoters, and Broadcasters

The main thing we are starting to see is promoters working together like Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn recently in the 5 v 5 format in Saudi Arabia.

DAZN, ESPN Plus also working together on events for boxing regularly.

This gives boxers more opportunity for their fights to be seen and more competition in the market.

The challenge is getting the promoters and streaming companies to work together.

But is happening more and more.

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Fight fans need to read up on all these platforms to see where all the main platforms for their favorite fighters are.

We in today’s analysis looked to do that for you, so you know where everything is, basically.

As boxing continues to evolve in the digital age, the role of streaming platforms will undoubtedly become even more significant.

It remains to be seen how this fragmentation will shape the sport’s future, but one thing is certain: the digital ring is where the action is.

We will continue to look to bring it all together for you here on Boxing News and Views.

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