Zhilei Zhang Chinese Power: China’s No.1 Heavyweight, Zhilei Zhang Who Has He Fought?

The number one Asian heavyweight Zhilei Zhang of China shares the same nickname as a certain Irishman. He takes on Deontay Wilder shortly.

Many fight fans will remember some years ago an Irishman by the name of Willie ‘Big Bang’ Casey who had an exciting knockout career. Starting from the ‘Prize Fighter’ tournament up to his fight with Guillermo ‘El Chacal’ Rigondeaux of Cuba.

China’s Zhilei Zhang is also known as ‘Big Bang’.

Suffice to say, compared to the lighter weight of Casey, up at heavyweight, he hits a lot harder.

In fact, he has emerged as a formidable force in the heavyweight boxing division. Solidifying his position as China’s top contender in all of professional boxing really.

With a professional record of 26 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, Zhang’s journey has been marked by impressive victories and a relentless pursuit of greatness — in fairness to him.

A Rising Star from the East

Born in Zhoukou, China, Zhang’s boxing career began with a promising amateur record, highlighted by Olympic and World Championship medals.

Transitioning to the professional ranks in 2014, he quickly made a name for himself with his powerful punches and unwavering determination.

He might be 41 years of age now but his Gold medal at super-heavyweight in Beijing back in 2010 at the World Combat Games and his silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games shows his pedigree.

A man steeped in amateur pedigree no less.

Also a Gold medal winner in the Asian Games of 2010 and a Gold medal winner in the Asian Championships of 2009.

Heavyweights bloom late in their careers so don’t pay too much attention to 41.

Given his extensive amateur background as well.

Triumphs and Trials, Saudi Arabia Unlucky For Him So Far

Zhang’s ascent to prominence includes a draw against Jerry Forrest, a knockout of Devin Vargas, and a TKO of Craig Lewis.

Showcasing his ability to dominate opponents with his technical skills and raw power.

However, his journey has also been marked by challenges.

Two losses on points to date.

Last time out against New Zealander Joseph Parker by majority decision in Saudi Arabia in March just gone. A close call, mind.

Also the other pro loss (two in total) on his record was to Filip Hrgović back in 2022 also in Saudi.

Saudi Arabia has not been that kind to him so far.

He’s hoping it will be third time a charm against Deontay Wilder this weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Defining Moments: The Joe Joyce TKO and KO

In a career-defining moment, Zhang faced off against Joe Joyce in April 2023 firstly, securing a stunning technical knockout victory in the sixth round.

This triumph propelled him to the forefront of the heavyweight division and solidified his status as a legitimate contender.

He then went on to knock to knock Joyce out in back to back wins in September of 2023.

Both big wins coming in the UK for the Chinaman.

A Diverse Range of Challenges So Far, Well Schooled At This Point, One Concern

Throughout his career, Zhang has faced a diverse array of opponents, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for growth.

At different times in his career.

His record includes victories against seasoned veterans and rising stars.

Demonstrating his adaptability and resilience in the ring.

He has a heck of a lot of both amateur and professional boxing experience worldwide coming into this weekend.

Once concern though could be with how recent his last fight.

He was just in a tear up with Joseph Park only in March just gone.

Will be be recovered in time?

Whereas Wilder fought back in December and will be a bit fresher.

Both coming off points losses to Parker so both will be eager to get a big win, too.

The Future Beckons This Weekend Against Deontay Wilder

As Zhilei Zhang continues his journey in the heavyweight division this weekend against his biggest name opponent yet, in Deontay Wilder, so will he freeze on the big stage?

Wilder has been on the big stage many times. This is something to also consider.

Wilder is literally fighting for his career at this point too. He will be dangerous.

That said, if Zhang were to beat Wilder this weekend the sky is the limit for this heavyweight from China.

Zhang’s relentless pursuit of greatness over the years promises to deliver more thrilling moments.

It also should further cement his legacy as one of China’s most accomplished boxers to date.

USA vs China in Heavyweight Boxing

In an uncertain time for the world at the moment with the nation of China threatening invasions against the nation of Taiwan.

And moreover, the Chinese government recently hacking the UK ministry of Defence website — this is a good China story for a once — in Zhang.

Zhang marches forward outside of politics and what the CCP of China do.

Zhang is looking to make it to the very top of world boxing but Deontay Wilder stands in his way this weekend.

USA vs China.

Heavyweight boxing.

Don’t blink.

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