Watch: Deontay Wilder Considering Retirement If Loses To Zhang

Deontay Wilder considering retirement

Former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder considering retirement as he speaks before his fight this weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Wilder is the big name on the card this weekend in ‘The Kingdom’ against China’s Zhang.

He is at a crossroads though, and he knows it, eloquently speaking on what is on the line to DAZN:

Obviously Wilder has put in the work physically in the gym.

He looks to be near peak physical condition.

Impressively he seems very calm at the start of fight week, too.

Like he says above, though, he needs to turn on the more aggressive approach in the ring this time.

A great story, Wilder, from start to finish so far.

An accomplished amateur that really did it all on heart and power.

Same for the pros mostly.

Although he’s been working on technical drills reportedly in this fight.

You get the sense he’s going to try to bring that into his controlled aggression this weekend.

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