Gervonta Davis and Adrien Broner Training Next To One Another, ‘Tank’ Already On Weight Ahead Of June 15th

Gervonta Davis and Adrien Broner Training Next To One Another, 'Tank' Already On Fight Weight

Gervonta Davis and Adrien Broner are once again training alongside one another and ‘Tank’ is already surprisingly light.

It is no secret that Davis sometimes puts on a lot of weight in between fights.

Known to even blow up over 200 lbs. sometimes.

We all know how good pound for pound talent Davis is, he knocked out Ryan Garcia cold not long ago.

Broner is a four-weight world champion chasing redemption and maybe, a shot at the title, once more.

The two have been spotted training together in a recent video, sparking excitement among boxing fans here via EsNews YouTube (hat tip) in an insightful update:

The duo’s collaboration has raised eyebrows in some regards.

The main thing there is look how light Davis is.


Just under three weeks out from fight night.

As both of them prepare for their respective upcoming fights, all systems are go.

Davis: Ready to Kick Off the Amazon Prime Era

Gervonta Davis, the undefeated WBA lightweight champion, is gearing up to headline the first boxing event under the new Amazon Prime and PBC deal on June 15th.

A huge thing not just for him or PBC, but for boxing in America and around the world, too.

Amazon Prime is just behind Netflix in current subscriber numbers of 230 million subscribers approximately on Prime at the moment.

A bit behind the 270 million Netflix subscribers but this won’t be just a one time event like Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul.

This is a multi-fight multi year deal for boxing and the numbers on Prime in America and the UK are likely quite big, as opposed to the more global nature, maybe, slightly, of Netflix.

There’s thought to be around 171-172 million of the above in the USA alone too. So this is a big thing for American sport in particular.

Making Weight Well Is Key For Davis Who Blows Up Heavy

In the training video above, Davis appears focused and sharp too according to the report.

The fact he has reportedly already made weight, demonstrating his commitment to peak performance.

It will make fight week a doddle for him where he can concentrate on tactics mostly for Frank Martin.

If he gets past of Martin in good fashion, a great way to kick off boxing on Amazon Prime for viewers worldwide on the platform.

Adrien Broner: The Comeback Kid

Adrien Broner, a four-division world champion, is set to return to the ring on June 7th against Blair Cobbs.

After a series of setbacks and personal struggles over the years, as most boxing fans know, Broner seems reinvigorated.

That’s what he seems anyway.

Training alongside Davis will have benefited him big time and apparently Broner is embracing a disciplined approach.

The fact that Davis has been training this hard will have surely had a knock on effect for Broner.

Ahead of his June 7th Hollywood bout, shortly.

A Symbiotic Relationship

The training partnership between Davis and Broner is intriguing in that it shows one thing rings true in boxing.

As in life, often.

Iron sharpens iron.

There’s a lot to be said, yes, for top level, world level sparring, but if you can get two top notch professional athletes, training, running and living alongside one another, it is a big win-win.

Hard to beat type preparation, really.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Particularly if the two get on and both have had the appropriate sparring partners drafted in.

Davis likely will have pushed Broner to dig down deep.

Also, Davis’ team and handlers would not let Broner around Davis’ training camp anyway if he was going off the rails.

All in all, we will be expecting a good showing from Broner shortly.

As for the training alongside one enother, Davis’s explosiveness and precision complement Broner’s slickness and ring IQ, too.

Although it will never be publicised if they sparred in training, likely they did.

You can imagine how sharp both will be after that.

Their collaboration will most certainly prove beneficial for both as they prepare for their respective challenges coming up next shortly.

High Stakes and High Expectations

Both Davis and Broner face high stakes in their upcoming bouts.

For different reasons.

Davis’s fight marks the beginning of a new era for boxing on Amazon Prime, and his performance will set the tone for the platform’s foray into the sport.

Pressure is one for a big performance, clinical even, for boxing on such a big platform and stage as Amazon Prime.

Broner, on the other hand, is seeking to re-establish himself as a top contender and silence his doubters, as he always does.

The question is, will we see a more mature, focused Broner now?

It is quite possible.

You never lose the ability and being a four-weight world champion Broner will always have the skill and pedigree.

It comes down to how much he wants it on the night.

He’s only 34-years-old ultimately, too.

A Shared Goal For Both: Victory

Despite their different paths, Davis and Broner share a common goal: victory.

Being on the same PBC Boxing team they know each other well over the years but this teaming up of such talented professional fighters is a genius idea.

If other stables in boxing do this, regularly, the quality of performance across all of boxing is only going to increase at the highest level.

Resulting in more primed prize fighters, each fighting the best, yeah, sure — the best fighting the best.

We all know that’s happening now in boxing, finally, thankfully.

But, also, the — best training alongside the best.

Before they then fight the best.

It seems to be a winning formula.

There Is No Balance In Sporting Success It’s Always Maniacal In Top Echelon Of Professional Sport

Alas, their joint training sessions reflect their mutual respect too.

In that it exhibits their desire to push each other to their limits.

An almost Michael Jordan of basketball type-drive to win.

A rare kind of focus.

The boxing world eagerly awaits their performances of course.

We expect both to be excellent.

As both of them strive to prove their mettle in the ring.

Both can box and punch.

Obviously Davis being one of the biggest punchers in all of boxing.

Pound for pound.

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