Turki Alalshikh Reacts To America 5 vs Mexico 5 Boxing Bonanza

america 5 vs mexico 5 boxing

The level of fights being discussed here in an America 5 vs Mexico 5 is the stuff boxing fans salivate over and now they can become reality.

In a recent tweet, Saudi Arabian businessman and his excellency Turki Alalshikh expressed his interest in organizing a USA vs Mexico boxing bonanza.

On X he gave the thumbs up to a truly remarkable concept being discussed.

An America 5 vs Mexico 5 boxing tournament.

America vs Mexico In Boxing

Two nations with probably the strongest history in boxing out of any two countries.

Certainly at the highest level.

World championship professional boxing.

America with the likes of Ali, Leonard, Hearns, Mayweather, Holyfield, Tyson, Frazier, Marciano, Joe Louis, Ray Robinson.

Mexico over the years with the likes of Chavez, Barrera, Morales, Olivares, Ricardo Lopez, Salvador Sanchez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Canelo Alvarez, Carlos Zarate and more.

The event would feature five fights.

Essentially, each pitting an American boxer against a Mexican boxer.

Some of the best both nations have to offer at top flight boxing in today’s times.

So far, three possible fights have been mentioned:

  • Canelo Alvarez vs. Terence Crawford
  • Caleb Plant vs. Jaime Munguia
  • Shakur Stevenson vs. Isaac Cruz

These are all exciting potential matchups, and they would likely generate a lot of interest from fans.

What Other Fighters To Add To Make Up The 5?

One unbeaten American fighter who could also be included in the event is Juan Francisco Estrada.

Estrada is a two-division world champion, and he is considered to be one of the best boxers in the world.

He hasn’t fought since 2022 though when he beat the great boxing legend Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez.

Surely he could be tempted back in the ring for such a tournament, though?

You’d need to maybe find an unbeaten young American to match him with, likely.

Andy Ruiz vs Deontay Wilder or Andy Ruiz vs Jared Anderson?

For the fifth fight, a heavyweight clash between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Deontay Wilder would be a massive event.

Both fighters are former world champions.

Both are big name fighters.

In both America and Mexico.

Both have a history of bad blood between them.

Some genuine needle.

Of course instead of Wilder you could swap

Alalshikh’s interest in organizing this event is a sign of his commitment to growing the sport of boxing.

His excellency has shown tremendous knowledge of the sport, matchmaking ability and good work ethic so far.

Not to mention pristine presentation of event in Saudi Arabia thus far.

He has already been involved in several high-profile boxing events, and he is known for his willingness to take risks.

Boxing Seems To Be Getting Bigger With Worldwide Events All The Time

If this event comes to fruition, it would be a major coup for the sport of boxing, no doubt.

It would be a showcase of the best talent in the world against one another.

Granted, that’s good enough on its own.

Not only that though, it would be pitting two of the greatest boxing nations against one another for bragging rights of who’s the best boxing country in today’s time maybe?

Okay, there are other contenders, but America and Mexico when it comes to top flight professional boxing are always up there, in fairness. Check both nations’ resumes.

They read well.

Two superhero countries of boxing, really, in terms of the all-time genuine greats both have, and continue, to always churn out in the pantheon of top tier sporting history.

Outside of the two nations, it would likely generate a lot of interest from fans around the world.

They could do a rights deal for both countries at different, fair pay per view price points (obviously a lower cost in Mexico to be fair to fans there).

It remains to be seen whether or not this event will actually take place, but, alas Alalshikh’s interest is a positive sign.

Similar Concept Happening This Weekend In Saudi Arabia So Very Plausible and Feasible, USA vs UK, Mexico vs Puerto Rico and More

He doesn’t exactly mess around, either, does he, to be fair.

His excellency is putting on an event this weekend featuring Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn 5 against Hall of Famer Frank Warren’s Queensberry’s 5.

Thus, this weekend can act for a dry run for much bigger, country versus country, events.

You could of course do other boxing rivalry countries too.

Such as Mexico vs Puerto Rico, USA vs UK.

Or maybe even continent vs continent.

USA vs Europe. Or even USA vs Eastern Europe.

His excellency is a powerful figure in the boxing world, and he has the resources to make this event a reality.

In fact, he’s making them happen in live time this year all the time.

(Photo credit: @therealdannyz X Account)

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