BOXXER Throws a Jab at Boxing’s Status Quo with NBC Sports and Peacock Deal

Boxxer Throws a Jab at Boxing's Status Quo with NBC Sports and Peacock Deal

The boxing world is experiencing a seismic shift in 2024 in how it is consumed, and at the heart of this transformation in Europe is Boxxer, a UK-based boxing promotion company.

With its bold moves and innovative strategies, Boxxer is challenging the traditional norms of the sport and breathing new life into it.

One of the most significant developments in this shake-up is the landmark media rights partnership between Boxxer and NBC Sports, bringing electrifying fights to American audiences on both Peacock and NBC.

This exclusive deal signals a new era for boxing in the United States. American boxing fans will be seeing a lot more fights from them on both NBC and Peacock shortly.

As will all amateur boxing fans in America be able to watch the Olympics this summer on both NBC sports for linear television and live streamed on the Peacock TV app and on

By leveraging the vast reach of NBC Sports and the accessibility of Peacock, Boxxer is set to broaden the sport’s appeal and reach new demographics.

Boxing enthusiasts can expect to witness thrilling matchups featuring both rising stars and established champions, all conveniently available on their screens.

The timing of this partnership is particularly noteworthy as it coincides with the 2024 Summer Olympics, where both NBC and Peacock will showcase Olympic boxing, a brilliant move in fairness.

This synergy not only elevates Boxxer’s visibility but also amplifies the overall excitement around the sport. It also helps boxing in America and particularly gets boxing fans going again on NBC and Peacock ahead of the Olympics.

The Olympics this summer promises to deliver quality boxing action, too.

Boxing fans can seamlessly transition from the amateur spectacle of the Olympics to the professional intensity of Boxxer events, all within the same media ecosystem, essentially.

Boxxer’s disruptive approach extends beyond broadcasting.

The company is known for its commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and entertainment.

It is actively seeking to engage a younger and more diverse audience through dynamic storytelling, cutting-edge production values, and a focus on showcasing the personalities and stories behind the fighters.

Furthermore, Boxxer’s strategic partnership with Sky Sports in the UK ensures a consistent flow of high-quality boxing content across the Atlantic.

The collaboration brings together Sky Sports’ renowned production expertise and Boxxer’s forward-thinking promotional strategies, creating a powerful synergy that benefits both markets.

Boxxer’s foray into the US market through its NBC Sports and Peacock deal is a game-changer for boxing.

If they do it right, it will coincide with the Olympics tremendously. NBC television and Peacock need to be promoting the Olympics and Olympic boxing now on all their platforms ahead of July.

All in all, this move, coupled with the spotlight on Olympic boxing this summer, is poised to revitalize the sport’s appeal and create new pathways for growth.

As Boxxer continues to push boundaries in Europe and the US and challenge conventions, boxing fans can anticipate an exciting future filled with compelling fights, captivating narratives, and a renewed passion for the sweet science.

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