Ryan Garcia 3rd Drug Test Reports No Failure Additional Substance In Intriguing Development

Ryan Garcia 3rd Drug Test Reports No Failure On Additional Substance In Intriguing Development

There is a significant update in the Ryan Garcia drug test saga from his fight with Devin Haney that in theory – is good for Garcia.

Everything will be decided likely at a hearing by the New York Athletic Commission but Dan Rafael a short time ago has reported the following on X:

BREAKING: Urine sample Ryan Garcia provided April 19 that was positive for Ostarine but also showed banned PED 19-Norandrosterone needed more testing to confirm. That’s done. Per lab report sent to VADA, which I’ve obtained, it “did not confirm.” THERE IS NO 3rd test failure.”

Here is more clarity around the above:

“It means he failed two separate tests for the banned PED Ostarine but the he does not fail a test for the other substance.”

Important to note the B Sample tests on the substance he did test positive for (which Garcia says was in extremely low trace level amounts) are not for a while yet.

Says Rafael further on X:

“BREAKING: Per VADA report that I have obtained, the B samples for Ryan Garcia’s two positive Ostarine tests from April 19 and April 20 are scheduled to be opened on May 22 and tested. He is allowed to have a representative observe to make sure it’s all on the up and up.”

All in all, a few things to note.

There is still a way to go in this.

B Sample Tests and a hearing from the Commission.

The NY Athletic Commission are still conducting their own investigations.

That said, the above is some good news for Garcia overall.