Turki Al-Sheikh On Who Is Pound For Pound Number 1 Crawford or Inoue

Turki Al-Sheikh On Who Is Pound For Pound Number 1 Crawford or Inoue

Japan’s ‘The Monster’ Inoue made a compelling argument for number one spot at the weekend but see what the man who is shaking up boxing thinks.

Saudi’s his excellency Turki Al-Sheikh is shaking up boxing and not only has put together fights that fans want, that would not have happened otherwise, but shown himself as a diehard fan himself too.

His knowledge of the game is quite impressive it should be noted.

A hardcore boxing fan at his core. On who he thinks is the top fighter in the world pound for pound he said on X:

“Inoue is a great boxer, but Crawford is the pound-for-pound number one. I don’t know how the ranking works or if there’s a clear criteria, but it seems like there are some personal opinions and inaccuracies involved. I believe that boxing needs one entity to evaluate with transparency and credibility. Soon, I will support a project for that matter…!”


“Crawford, like Inoue, was undisputed in two weight divisions. However, he fights in a deeper weight class, which is 147. While 122 is good, it’s still not the same. Additionally, Crawford dismantled Spence in explosive fashion. Spence was no worse than #5 pound-for-pound. Inoue has never faced someone who was in the pound-for-pound top 10”

Boxing all in all is on fire at the moment.

Some of the best fighters in the world are fighting one another.


Just like the UFC, but in boxing now.

Some thought this day would never come but here it is.

Impossible is nothing.