Ryan Garcia Drops Devin Haney

Watch: Ryan Garcia Drops Devin Haney On Route To Victory

Going into their big fight, many tipped Devin Haney to do a number on Ryan Garcia but the fight played out quite different.

Beforehand Garcia was heavy all week and was volatile in his demeanour, however on the night itself he showed himself to be the better fighter, certainly.

Knocking down Haney and flooring him many times towards the end of the fight:

(Hat tip Dazn YouTube – Garcia vs Haney at the end of these fight highlights)

What a win for Garcia and what a comeback from his loss to Gervonta Davis last year.

Fully dispelling it and launching himself back into contention for huge fights in the sport.

He did not win the title that was on the line against Haney however due to coming in overweight a few pounds.