fury vs usyk tale of the tape

Fury vs Usyk Tale Of The Tape

Around a month to go until the unification of all the heavyweight championship belts takes place.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk, a truly magnificent fight.

Usyk is naturally a cruiserweight, champion at the weight of course but made the move to heavyweight successfully in recent years beating Anthony Joshua.

But Fury is a different animal, if Fury is interested and is training well that is.

If he’s motivated no one will beat him. Nobody.

At heavyweight size is a factor and the old saying says a good big man beats a good small man but there are of course exceptions.

Here’s a look at how they square up:


Fury – 35

Usyk – 37


Fury – 6 Feet 7 Inches and a Half

Usyk – 6 Feet 2 Inches and a Half


Fury (last five fights average) – 273 pounds

Usyk (last five fights average) – 219 pounds


Fury – 85 inches

Usyk – 78 inches

All in all, Fury has the advantages physically.

He’s bigger, stronger and younger.

Both are undefeated however and neither will want to lose as a professional for the first time.

Nor lose their belts.

Fury can make this a difficult fight for Usyk if he chooses to keep it long and box.

Then again, he could do that, and potentially down the stretch lean on the smaller man when he thinks he might have the beating of him as times goes on.

Fury has been down before however and at heavyweight anything can happen.

Usyk on the other hand can use his speed and size to his advantage by sticking and moving potentially.

Usyk beat Anthony Joshua twice no less for the titles so he’s more than earned this fight and can beat bigger opponents – and what a fight this truly is.

Boxing is the real winner in this one.