Ryan Garcia: I Drank Everyday And Still Beat Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia I Drank Everyday And Still Beat Devin Haney

It was well known that Ryan Garcia’s training camp for Devin Haney was far from ideal.

To put it lightly.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference Garcia said it was mayhem before hand – with Garcia conceding after beating Haney that:

“I walked through the fire and still held it down, and still beat ******* Devin Haney – and still drank every day and I still beat him.”

Going into the fight expert trainers like Teddy Atlas made reference to the chaotic nature of Garcia’s preparations.

Upon reasonable assessment, no one thought that could translate to how he performed.

An emphatic victory with three knockdowns of Haney no less.

If Garcia can get his act together and train properly he’ll be knocking on the door of huge fights sooner rather than later.