Joe Biden Makes The Cardinal Error

Joe Biden Makes The Cardinal Error

The fact Biden has brought up Trump again and again makes his administration doomed to lose to Republicans or something else (in one sense or another).

This the ultimate error he will have made against Republicans who in more ways are now more democratic than Democrats:

One way or another that wasn’t the right move in this big fight that America and the world is in.


What Biden's Burning America Ultimately Got Wrong In The End

What Biden’s Burning America Ultimately Got Wrong In The End

Many Republicans are much more peaceful than Democrats.

While you can just print money to lower inflation temporarily and that’s all well and good, it doesn’t paper over the divided melting pot, climbing high crime rates, out of control drugs deaths and reduction of society and the world overall, rampant illegal immigration and more — leading ultimately to anarchy.

Until Biden can work together more with Republicans his administration has largely failed but still on a world basis — America is important in all the fights in the world.

As Biden doesn’t know what’s going on and has no power behind the scenes really.

It would have been more wise for Biden to say nothing about Trump — who lives in his head rent free.

Trump while imperfect like anyone, who makes mistakes like any human and did stuff that many wouldn’t agree with, unlike Biden — on the other hand — rarely mentions Biden — and when he does — actually wishes him well.

See the difference.

Peace wins and fear loses and the Republicans come across as the more sensible, reasonable party than the Democrats in the end — who are actually in reality far more proactive and seem to want to divide people more.

Not unite them.

Who, moreover, got poisoned by the burning in flames woke crap of Hungarian George Soros.

And his lobbyist groups, special interest groups or some, not all, maybe of the angry wacktivist group things.

With respect, whatever the heck any of them even mean or are.

Each to their own.

Trying to divide people by nonsense politics whereas everything is on a case by case basis.

Individual by individual.

Business by business.

Things are not as clear cut as the computer generated illusion of the now defunct mainstream media presents it to be.

It’s all just a big stunt.

None of what ‘culture’ claims to be in the world is real, largely.

It’s just some insignificant control structure that is seeing world leaders and some places burn to ashes at the moment.

That’s the fact, science and reality of the situation.

People are just people.

Things are just things.

Places are just places.


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The ultimate enemy to us all, in the world, Soros.

He just wants to see continued carnage in places like America, more divided people and elsewhere in the world.

Biden would do himself a favor by putting Soros and his cohorts down appropriately once and for all.

He’d be helping America too.

It’s the right thing to do for all.

What the good Republicans need to do is simply keep their peace and use logic.

Nothing more.

No need to indulge in garbage social media platform exchanges.

All of which are becoming nothing more than sales spam at this point, largely.

Maybe useful in the beginning but many of them are burning in rubble by the real businessmen, shareholders, lawyers, judges, courtrooms and regulators behind the scenes at the moment.


They are becoming too much garbage, sales spam frankly and just a distraction from proper websites, YouTube or maybe a few others.

There needs to be more new platforms.

Moreover, Biden needs to go after Soros and his lobbyist parties.

If he wants to stand any chance of the crime, drugs, illegal immigration and more not getting worse.

Which would only weaken America as time goes on.

That’s up to him.


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