Photos: Venice, Italy – One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cities

Photos: Venice, Italy - One Of The World's Most Beautiful Cities

Ah yeah, the easy life in Italy. Can’t beat it and very grateful.

Finally made it back to Italy today. Straight away off the plane — amazing weather.

Something different about Italy.

Don’t care where you have travelled around the world — there is nothing quite like the relaxed way of life in Italy. Here’s home now.

Boxing News and Views will be based in Italy for the foreseeable future with no more bothering chasing America now after so many years. Time to settle down. The Italian dream instead. Must hit the old Italian classes soon to properly learn the language this time.

Will be doing a lot of writing and creating new websites and apps from here in Italy. Some photos of what many consider the most beautiful city in the world, Venice, Italy, unreal (finally managed to find ginseng Coffee again — only country have ever been able to find it in worldwide):

If old Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom do any boxing events in Italy this year — will of course have to head along and see some of the Italian fights for sure too.

We’ll still be covering fight news in all its shapes and forms — as well as a new finance news blog soon too.

Nice to move on.

Future is bright❤️??

Hope everyone has a good day today.