Nate Diaz On Conor McGregor’s Boxing Ability

Nate Diaz On Conor McGregor's Boxing Ability

In a bit of light humor and more up beat fight news, considering the horrifically dark time the world is in again with this war in Ukraine and the boxers involved in it at the moment, fight legend Nate Diaz appears to be in good form.

Jokingly in good humor — with no malice — stoking the flames for a fight surely most fight fans would watch again.

Against Ireland’s Conor McGregor:

Former UFC champion Nate Diaz like his brother Nick Diaz two fight legends of MMA for many years of course as many fight fans will have followed but probably up there with some of the best boxing skills of MMA fighters too.

Andre Ward the former pound for pound boxing number one often spoke about how well they did with him in sparring.

Great fight again if it happens down the road Diaz vs McGregor surely.

Who knows maybe they could do one MMA fight and one boxing fight.

Imagine the novelty of that, how big that would be and how much interest that would get.