Mike Tyson Speaks On His Love Of Pigeons

Mike Tyson Speaks On His Love Of Pigeons

It is maybe reasonable to suggest that these are extraordinary times for the world at the moment.

With armed and unarmed combat, general warfare initiated and in operations with international armies at this particular time — when the planet was only just starting to get over the last few years’ world situation, moreover, surely then, more love in the world is needed.

In the end life is a voyage of ups and downs to learn modesty and respect for one another.

Being kind to your fellow human being applicable in these times more than ever.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been on a mission for peace in recent times.

Mike Tyson is one of life’s great survivors.

A good fighter Tyson in his day and a good person.

Tyson has been speaking on all things his career and life recently in the new mainstream media.

On what his first love was Tyson says it was pigeons:

Another bird, the dove, surely an apt symbol and sign to duly note in these times for much needed peace on Earth.