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In a dark time for the world where many complain, or perhaps some in fairness have reason to be unhappy or uncontent, there is more good there in the world then bad.

In the end.

While a perfect notion of such an idea doesn’t exist in reality all the time, obviously, it is an ideal that all humans strive for throughout the voyage of the ups and downs of life.

Being positive and moving on perhaps best encapsulated by one Australian boxer Larry Foley.

Not many know the expression ‘Happy as Larry’ comes from him.

He was said to be often content in life as he more often than not was victorious in his boxing career due to his naturally competitive nature driven to succeed, improve and always be a better man than he was yesterday:

Sometimes known as the ‘Father of Australian boxing’ born to an Irish father Patrick and his mother Mary was from Australia.

A very care free individual by all accounts who had a tremendous boxing career in the end with a record of 21-17-1-3 (17 KO).

All his victories coming by knockout.

He later in life worked in the Australian public sector and also became a very accomplished boxing coach and trainer.

Particularly to mentoring and training American fighters.

In today’s times with the resurgence of Australian boxing maybe he is a good omen for the modern Oz boxing era.

So much brilliant Australian boxers in the world at the moment.

Foley was a middleweight championship fighter in his day.


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