Outside of boxing in the big talk of a ‘fight’ in the world at the moment hopefully peace comes around soon.

Money talks.

If the world were to get into a sanction war economically, the latest crippling hits the US stock market has absorbed would surely be just a drop in the ocean.

China appear to be benefitting out of this more than anyone in the financial markets and this story here by The Washington Post (hat tip) shows them not taking sides below.

It shows that surely some trust between the conflicting individuals has to be acquired:


As otherwise maybe the current inflation, cost of living crisis seen by some in the West would pale in comparison to what could come.

You’d be talking about a mega world recession potentially.

Who knows how bad that would be.

It just wouldn’t work out for any economy financially if peace wasn’t achieved.

Peace is surely the only answer anyone wants.

Particularly with the cost of living crisis only set to get much worse in the West if it no peace.

Particularly, too, if America keeps taking hits to the stock market like it has again recently:


Not to mention that thirty trillion national debt for the America economy of which how much will even grow again to China, and Europe, if a sanction war were to happen, who knows:


In the end you don’t need much to get a lot out of life. Alcohol or substances may bring out the worst in many people, maybe 5 or 6 personalities and make many crazy, certainly if used to excess — but in the end being high on life is enough 🙂

Peace wins everything. Love wins every time. Each to their own. Let’s hope for peace in this situation in the Ukraine.


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