Khan vs Brook This Weekend Still A Good Scrap

Khan vs Brook This Weekend Still A Good Scrap

Great fight coming up at the weekend in the UK between Amir Khan vs Kell Brook.

Granted, should have happened ages ago.

Still a good fight this weekend though.

Even at this stage of their careers should be explosive and can’t see it going the distance.

Trying to adjust to this terrible Irish weather, dark skies and rain here at the moment.

Maybe cancel some investment here again gets tougher to readjust to here every time.

Lets see how it works out for Donegal and all these counties doesn’t really feel like home anymore any of these places really other than getting work visas for overseas here.

We’ll see…

In Donegal beautiful scenery but terrible weather and can’t understand some of these harmless leprechaun’s accents.

Who knows how it will work out for this county and all these counties in Ireland doesn’t really feel like home anymore.

Thinking of the fight capital of the world a lot again and friends and family in Nevada with all the UFC and boxing in particular planned there in the coming months.

Maybe things will go well for America and Ireland too moving forward and the rest of the world as this old pandemic seems to finally be getting better but we’ll see God is good.

Some loud mouth Dubs even up here in this Donegal joint haha some of these people eh broken arm maybe lucky not to have another broken arm some of them haha.

These poor pup fooks have been schooled some of them and they don’t even know it, feel sorry for and pity some of these people they seem to just believe anything some of their politicians or media tell them.

Some really cool Irish people too they speak really fast though very hard to understand some of these dialects and accents feel like a tourist in all these places in all these counties.

Donegal great beautiful countryside for sure but seems harmless place really just green fields and a lot of rain and dark clouds at the moment in grey skies.

Totally forgot the boxer Jason Quigley from here too very good — makes this trip much better now — he’s a good boxer from Donegal, Ireland who’s fought in America a few times before — for hardcore boxing fans who remember him — thinking we should maybe interview him once if he’s here in the coming months we’ll try to interview him.

Ireland all in all seems a bit slow in some regards just do whatever their bum politicians tell them some people.

Not sharp or strong these people anymore but seen a few Paddy caps around here to be fair and met some great people definitely still Ireland in some ways to be fair.

These accents way too fast and hard to understand some young broad at a bar with a distinct tattoo sticks out tonight.

All in all, nice fresh air and green fields looking forward to seeing Khan vs Brook this weekend even though not a big fight outside Europe genuinely think Brook will look for the knockout which could bring the best out of Khan to be fair which should be excellent.

Stay safe and God bless.