Conor McGregor Reacts To Tyson Fury Tap Out Tweet

Conor McGregor Reacts To Tyson Fury Tap Out Tweet

The back and forth banter between WBC and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and UFC star and one-time pro boxer Conor McGregor appears to have died out.

Following Fury tweeting this:

McGregor sought to deescalate the friendly banter with the following:

All in all, two huge stars obviously in the world of fight sports who grabbed attention with the above.

A bit random, sure.

Imagine if they took it a step further however in a positive way.

Maybe some sort of boxing and MMA co promotion of sorts.

Two showmen who could do great things in boxing surely if they put on boxing events or MMA events down the road.

Or comedy events with the likes of comedian Al Foran.

Lots of opportunities there.

Maybe old Fury could go to Dublin, Ireland and old McGregor could go to Manchester or London in the UK and do a two-leg comedy or fight show.

Maybe something similar to how that Mayweather and McGregor event promotion went a few years back, which was huge worldwide.

Obviously the two in this instance wouldn’t be fighting one another in any scenario β€” with the weight and size difference β€” granted.

All in all, though, as boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) become more aligned as time goes on maybe something can be done between the two down the road.