Not many might have heard of this young fighter outside of just hardcore boxing fans — which is a very small number and audience at the end of the day.

An audience you can’t solely rely on if in media advertising numbers.

Nor can any of these slow boxing promoter goons can’t too. They need to think bigger to grow boxing to a bigger audience while respecting tradition and the sport’s history.

At the end of the day boxing needs to think big and go bigger than it has done.

World champion boxers surely have to aspire to be big stars like Canelo and Mayweather and so forth — which will grow the sport of boxing too to more new – blue chip corporate sponsors in boxing.

Maybe but that’s not guaranteed.


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State Department Omits Certain Detail In Talks Of War That Won’t Happen

That’s subject to terms and boxing must always try to never get complacent and keep growing as a sport. Life is all about moving on and keep pushing forward no taking back steps must keep pursuing to be the best you can be and evaluate and assess all relevant opportunities.

That said, this guy below could cross over one day into the big time.

Into main stream sport.

You never know:

Looks to be a great fighter and surely exciting for old and new boxing fans alike to follow his career as time goes on.

12-0-9 KO at the moment.

Puerto Rico could have a new star on its hands.

Here’s some of his work not long ago:


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