The Muhammad Ali Twitter account has been on a real roll lately.

Things seem to be getting a bit better in the world thank God, nice to see — and this new Ali Twitter account below being the official one the nearest anyone will get now to the deceased legend that is Ali.

Whether fight footage for boxing fans or his life chronicles it is well worth checking out.

Today’s latest positive post in the new main stream media being:

Nice to see the media also being more positive seems Google/YouTube only have thumbs up button now.

More will follow with this thinking.

Had a sense they’d see sense in the end.


Oscar Valdez with perhaps the important message of all ahead of next fight

Oscar Valdez With Perhaps The Important Message Of All Ahead Of Next Fight

That’s more like it.

Very good and carry on.

Have a great day everyone and this weekend it looks like Danny Jacobs fight so much to look forward to and next month also some good fights.


Boxing Beauty Reacts To Latest Claressa Shields Win

Boxing Beauty Reacts To Latest Claressa Shields Win

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