Boxing Beauty Reacts To Latest Claressa Shields Win

Boxing Beauty Reacts To Latest Claressa Shields Win

Two female boxers who are very popular at the moment in America and around the world, female number one Claressa Shields and Alycia Baumgardner have spoken to one another recently on Twitter.

Shields had a big win this weekend and world champion and professional model Alycia Baumgardner had commented back and forth:

A pretty cool thing about the two of these female boxers seems to be their genuinely strong faith too, we’ve noticed.

It seems to be a big help in getting them to where they are but more importantly a real sense of peace off the two of them seems to be there at times.

You can’t beat peace and once you have that, there’s nothing like it. Magic. It beats everything that this world can offer you ten times over and then some 🙂

Surely these two young ladies above with their tremendous God-given gifts have big things to do as part of God’s plan in years ahead.


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Until God’s plan has been fulfilled there ain’t nothing, a human can do a thing about it.

Not a single, possible thing — as God is in control of everything at the end of day.

More than you might even know.

When all is said and done.

Walk by faith not by sight 🙂 Eternity is forever and this world only temporary. Never let nobody tell you what to do other than the one and almighty God. Bow to no one. You can achieve anything you want and help people in doing so no worries at all. Seen it time and time again. God’s plan cannot be changed by no one. Each to their own 🙂


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Keep smiling and enjoy your life while here because it passes most by. Make each day count as you’d be surprised how much better things are just enjoying the day that’s in it. Death comes for us all not when you or other humans decide but when God decides and it is a beautiful thing not no one knows about that day or hour, the best thing in fact in the world to come — but plenty to do good here in only this temporary life too before then of course 🙂

Nice to have some Irish fish and chips earlier fook it its the old simple things sometimes eh what a beautiful day today was, thank God 🙂 Unbelievable day one of the best days in years and it was only a simple day that’s all nothing special, wow, amazing thank you, absolutely magic day 🙂 ??❤️ Anyone going through dark times just remember the light and good at the end of it after coming through the bad when you get through it is better than you can even imagine. So, just imagine how good eternal life is then in heaven.

Each to their own of course.

All in all, the sport of boxing seems to be up and running now this year and us boxing fans have a lot to forward to for sure so sit back, relax and enjoy what will be a big year for boxing.

So many boxers breaking through as well.

Us boxing fans can’t complain, a great time for boxing to come 🙂


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