Oscar Valdez with perhaps the important message of all ahead of next fight

Oscar Valdez with perhaps the important message of all ahead of next fight

Discipline and dedication is probably one of the most big respect thing that us boxing fans and average Joe nobody, average man like us at Boxing News and Views can take when reporting on boxing.

The dedication these athletes put in to their craft is exemplary.

Day after day, week after week, year after year putting in the work.

Hard work dedication in anything surely pays off in anything in life.

Maybe discipline the most difficult thing for anyone in life.

Not boxers though at the level of Oscar Valdez who is tipped to take on Shakur Stevenson next.

He said:

Great fight next up with Stevenson.

Should be a tremendous match up.

Even outside of boxing for average Joe, average man nobodies like us boxing fans, perhaps discipline literally the hardest thing of all.

Tired from a lot of international travel but well now and of sober mind so can’t complain.

Final leg of the journey just complete to Ireland and literally hard getting to get off the plane thanks to some so nice young lady with a single flash of her smile and eyes and playing with her hair literally she had me right away sitting near me how embarrassing thanks a lot. Tough to even get off the plane haha damn. Couldn’t make out if she had a wedding ring or just a regular ring on. Still thinking about her now. Amazing woman even with the mask on haha serious young lady for sure respectfully 🙂

Tough to get out of that Irish airport hard to even sleep now thinking of her. Thanks a lot fook sake. Only thing better than boxing addiction was always women always was the hardest when sober as embarrassing as it is literally had to look down stare at the ground for ages on the final plane leg of journey to Ireland damn.

Damn it will catch up on sleep and recover fully soon.

Sober and healthy although back to full 100 per cent soon after this travel.

Maybe a little too shy sometimes with women like that too hot damn introvert at heart haha.

Damn hot, lovely, beautiful and so nice women in Ireland they have way too much power over one.

Nice to be home in Ireland, for now, though if even only for a bit, sure a bit of rain, it’s not Mexico, LA or Las Vegas but can’t complain:

Cool to be back in the Emerald Isle and the capital Dublin great people Dublin also and a great city to be fair.

Sad to leave Mexico for now but back soon or America for work in our great sport we love dearly, boxing. If not back in Mexico soon certainly after pandemic. Have a sense there will be some good fights coming up in Mexico also soon.

Bit of fresh air soon and thank you humbly and sincerely to our readers for as always your huge support.

Not about us always about the boxers but just wanted to briefly acknowledge our readers, you all.


I miss Mexico already, great country, in all of its parts. It really is. Back soon. But nice to be back home, well where born and where from in Ireland for a bit anyway, love ya Ireland. Mexico and USA always will be home too.

Anyway, back to work once settled again and a bit of fresh air for a little while in the countryside, right back to work on here soon as soon as possible after Saturday.

Roll on some great cards in the UK and worldwide this weekend.

We will be back on here as soon as possible once off message at the start of the year to thank you our readers again for the support during a challenging time for everyone in the world the last while given the world situation.

Very grateful.

Roll on this weekend’s boxing. Enjoy.


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