Paulie Malignaggi On Who Is The Next Face of Boxing

Paulie Malignaggi On Who Is The Next Face of Boxing

Despite the significant challenges, stress and adversity the world situation has seen the last couple of years boxing as a sport thankfully has not only survived.

But grown.

2022 is set to be a bigger growth year than ever for worldwide boxing in all countries.

One fighter who has helped this is of course is the current pound for pound number one Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez of Mexico.

He fought three times last year which none of boxing’s other big names did that consistently at the end of the day.

In many ways, he is already the biggest name in world boxing. Staying busy so crucial.

With that being said, former champion Paulie Malignaggi sees him only getting bigger as time goes on.

As the next face of the sport too:

Alvarez had another big year in 2021 but was tested in a couple of very good fights with Saunders and Plant.

Alvarez’ success is linked to boxing as a sport’s success for sure, after last year.

Hopefully he will be busy this year.

Of course — you’ve also got the likes of Terence Crawford and Errol Spence and many others too.

Just behind him trying to claim that mythical pound for pound spot.

Mythical of course but a rankings list that boxing fans love to articulate and discuss nonetheless.