Watch: Boxer Trains In The Russian Winter Christmas Snow Blizzard

Watch Boxer Trains In The Russian Winter Christmas Snow Blizzard

Us boxing fans would forget how lucky you are sometimes in parts of North, Central and South America with the good weather at Christmas.

Not the case in Russia at the moment.

Russian fighter David Avanesyan is even training through the middle of a snow blizzard at the moment.

With Christmas just around the corner:

Admirable dedication that boxing fans should respect over their Christmas turkey and potatoes this year.

Given that some of these fighters are cutting weight in the cold for the entertainment of the masses of us mere mortals.

Avanesyan is currently on a four-fight winning streak.

Including a couple of fights ago against prospect Josh Kelly.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s knocking on the door of a title shot in the welterweight division sooner rather than later.

The above training in the snow in Russia maybe reminiscent of this Rocky scene years ago:

We didn’t hear no bell Balboa!

A cult classic movie indeed above for any boxing fan surely: