Jake Paul Calls Out 2 UFC Champions For Boxing Match

Jake Paul appears to be adamant on bringing the world of boxing and UFC together more and more.

Say what you want about this Paul but he is clearly at least trying and taking boxing serious.

Boxing fans still very skeptical of course until he steps in with a pure boxer.

But from an entertainment context the way he’s bringing UFC and boxing more together seems to be interesting.

Remarkable bit of work for a 24-year-old young man.

Extraordinary even.

The latest two UFC fighters he wants in a boxing match being:

(Hat tip Michael Benson Twitter)

Paul has even managed to get traditionally boxing-focused networks like Sky and Showtime to show his fights and cover him.

As well as secure female fighter Amanda Serrano the biggest pay check of her career last weekend.

Even ESPN this morning are talking about the Paul boxing match:

All credit to Paul at the end of the day.

This Paul is really shaking up the world it seems.

Let’s be sensible and grounded obviously for a minute.

In that he is still a prospect.

With that being said, surely all the unexpected attention he’s brought to the sport of boxing only a positive thing.


Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take it Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take It Easy Bro Be Cool Chill