Muhammad Ali’s grandson Nico Ali Walsh has had a solid year this year.

A solid first year as a professional boxer.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather who of course is remembered the world over.


British Prime Minister Agrees With Boxing Legend

British Prime Minister Agrees With Boxing Legend

Although Walsh is carving his own route now.

Walsh like many boxing fans too were watching the Jake Paul fight at the weekend.

The knockout punch that ended it prompted Walsh to say:

It would appear that many professional boxers are interested in a fight with Paul at the moment.

Or getting on one of his cards.

Given the colossal pay day it brings.

However long this Paul show lasts what a voyage it has been thus far.

It has certainly brought more new fans to boxing so far.


Corrupt Irish politicians ruthlessly corrected after being Knocked Out Cold

Corrupt Irish Politicians Ruthlessly Corrected After Being Knocked Out Cold

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