Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take it Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

Blinken Man What Are You Doing Dude Take it Easy Bro Be Cool Chill

With the greatest of respect, okay Blinken, you got it right the other day in one facet of military approach.

Fair enough. We will give you that much. No arguments there.

But we told you man what were you thinking threatening the East. You honestly think they are scared or worried about passive aggressive or direct threats 🙂 Come on man 🙂

Please brother. Peace is always the answer. Calm the rhetoric against the East dude. See this today Blinken man below.

What’s this all about we warned you about this the other day.

Please don’t get us all killed Blinken man and blown up in World War 3:

Now Blinken, here’s the thing with this little bit of a pickle we’re in with this situation.

Cool heads prevail Blinken. You know it makes sense amigo. Common sense. The West and East are friends. God is good.

Cordial, respectful dialogue is what is needed. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Here’s what you do.

You say hello how we doing. Talk it over. Break the ice have a joke. Calm the sanctions. Meet on middle ground. Compromise. Come up with a simple multi-lateral trade deal as good faith before the meeting is over. Shake hands. Then say thank you very much go about your day and be on your merry way.

Just in time for Christmas.


There you go amigo.

Over to you chief.

Anyway, in conclusion, what the heck do we know.


That’s what.

Best to let the fighting done in the boxing ring by the boxers.

One more time — us boxing fans can’t complain with all the tremendous fighting in the boxing ring last weekend.

Not on the battle field.

Lots more boxing action for us boxing fans to look forward to very soon.

Very good.

Roll on.