Women’s Boxing Legend Katie Taylor Fights This Weekend

Women's Boxing Legend Katie Taylor Fights This Weekend

Women’s boxing legend and undefeated professional world champion Katie Taylor of Ireland returns to action this weekend in the UK.

The UK becoming a happy stomping ground for her in recent years.

As well as the USA.

By all accounts she is in for a tough fight this weekend however.

The weigh-in took place a short time ago:

Potentially a very good clash of fight styles here.

The UK like the US once again providing Katie Taylor with an opportunity to work and apply her trade.

Speaking of the UK.

They were dead right to get out of that European project thing or whatever it is called.

They didn’t collapse the UK did they. Like some suggested they would after all when they left.

Just like their currency didn’t collapse when they stuck to their principles and kept it.

However the same can’t be said the other way round with the European project thing.

In rubble burning quickly at the moment as a concept.

Not being able to roll out various logistics quickly during the world situation evidence exhibit one.


Biden Tries Best But Gets Gut Punch As Inflation Rockets Before Holidays

Biden Tries Best But Gets Gut Punch As Inflation Rockets Before Holidays

The last couple of years.

The proof is all there now over two years.

A united States of Europe was always destined to fail anyway. To be clear it already has.

You can’t make individual nations forget their founding histories, their own values and individual cultures, languages and so on.

And replace it with some collective European values. It just doesn’t work. Values-wise, logistics-wise, business-wise, or common sense-wise.

Also America works as a federal nation due to it all pretty much being land connected with only two languages really. English and Spanish. The dollar being the dollar and not having to convert it to something else.

Moreover every nation has its own Constitution.

Enshrined in every sovereign nation’s law of the land.

For some European project thing to try to create some European values for only some European countries was always destined to fail. Good idea in the beginning but done now.

Some sort of a weird ‘group think’ thing was never going to wash in the long-run. Obviously. This last two years obvious the subtle, social-credit like coercian messaging which has been rejected by the people of Europe. No one cares less about politician social media accounts or affiliated Embassy accounts in Europe anymore. They have failed not only democracy but all their citizens in many ways these last two years. That European project thing.

At the end of the day countries like people are all different individual ones with their own values, history, foundation members and so on.

Italy apparently not being happy with it all at the moment. Not surprised.

Same with the French.

Once one of them follow the UK out of it or any other sensible countries do. That’s it for it them. More and more sensible and reasonable countries in Europe will follow suit.

We don’t know anything though. Each to their own.

And it will come to its eventual collapse like not only the UK predicted but many others.

That European army thing being proposed at the moment.

Certainly won’t protect Russia, Ukraine (Russia and Ukraine would be great allies by the way) UK and others in Europe anyway.

When that Nato thing collapses too.

Nor protect the likes of the Australians, Japanese and many other sovereign nations.

Nor all of us over here on this side of the world either in countries in North America, Central America, South America and Canada either.

Furthermore the UK were right on keeping the pound in the end.

Instead of the Euro.

They’ll be right on this too.

Great people in Europe mind you. Of course.

But as for that European political project thing. Specifically and solely that. That’s it for them. Adios.

Nice to see Katie Taylor getting the opportunity this weekend to showcase her ability in the UK.

Big up the UK for providing it for her. Much respect. All credit to the UK at the end of the day for putting on what should be a tremendous boxing event this weekend for one of Ireland’s greatest ever athletes.

Katie Taylor.

In what should be a world class fight too.

Boxing fans can’t complain once more this weekend. Lots of boxing to look forward to.

If Taylor wins hopefully boxing fans will see the Amanda Serrano mega fight next year then.



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