Biden Tries Best But Gets Gut Punch As Inflation Rockets Before Holidays

In boxing terms President Biden has sustained a body shot that he may not get back from.

We hope he does though.

President Biden seems to be trying his best to get more of a fair, equal economy for everyone going with his new infrastructure plan but day after day prices continue to go up.

Unfortunately it seems like he and the Democrats are already losing the Irish-American, Black American and Hispanic American vote. Unfortunate but surely he can come back for democracy. After the last couple of years democracy itself is questionable by all Americans and all people worldwide. In terms of it actually existing anymore at all. Politicians or government-affiliated social media accounts no longer have any credibility with anyone. New media has taken over already now for the vote. New media information is what all people are now seeking out. People want new ways of doing things. Old system didn’t work. New media will take over fully in 2022.

As for Biden maybe he has not lost just yet. Maybe there is still time. Not guaranteed though.

It is unclear at all what the prospects for the Democratic Party are of having any power at all moving forward. They seem to be in terminal decline all of a sudden. Particularly the last few months.

Certainly Irish Americans seem to be baffled by what is going.


Boxer Stunned By Apparent Unsettling New Trend In Country Of Ireland

Boxer Stunned By Apparent Unsettling New Trend In Country Of Ireland

We believe in President Biden though and know he can turn things around before Christmas.

As many predicted earlier in the year inflation continues to increase.

It is at its highest point in nearly 39 years some have stated.

More pain and suffering to come in the new year likely for some which is unfortunate. It is what it is.

Keep the faith.


Boxer Showing Peace, Stop The Violence and Trouble In Ireland Now

Boxer Showing Peace, Stop The Violence And Trouble In Ireland Now