Errol Spence On What Separates Great Fighters From Good Fighters

It is said that there is one punch in the sport of boxing that supersedes everything.

A shot that has always been important in the sweet science from foundation right up to today’s times.

The most important punch in boxing.

The jab.

Pound for pound star Errol Spence said of it:

Many have written off Spence since his near fatal car accident a few years back.

Spence knows different of course.

Objectively speaking many boxing fans will tell you he still has the ability and heart to become the best boxer in the world.

But it will come down to that magic fight with Terence Crawford at the end of the day.

Please God it happens in 2022.

Canelo Alvarez will be difficult to knock off the top numero uno spot too of course.

For more on the jab perhaps the best example of it ever was former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes:

(Said you’ve come a long way… – hat tip Rainy Day Boxing YouTube)


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