Michael Gerard Tyson will forever go down in the boxing record books as not only the youngest heavyweight champion that ever lived.

But in his prime one of the most explosive, educated-pressure gifted offensive heavyweights when in full flow.

Peak Tyson drew the masses to boxing for good reason.

These days he chops it up on his huge circulation podcast worldwide.

Like us all he gets it wrong and makes mistakes from time to time but this today from old Tyson surely a nugget:

All day. Objective good according to any perception of the term surely key.

Hopefully American ‘leaders’ and ‘mainstream media’ on both sides of their petty arguments, quarrels and squabbles take note.

On a slightly lighter key for a moment the old leader song right here comes to mind at times in that regard these days when it comes to some of the richer countries in Western democracy:

On a serious note United we stand divided we fall surely.

As for Tyson’s highlights still an enjoyable past time on a boxing note.

For any boxing fan surely past, present or future of the sweet science:


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Claressa Shields Back In Boxing Next Fight Details Confirmed

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