Sometimes getting back up on your feet is hard after heavy hits and punches in life. You’ve got to learn to walk again before you can run.

Not that much of a start from scratch in life for Claressa Shields recently surely. Just a temporary setback for a major comeback.

Claressa Shields though as women’s biggest star has quickly gotten back up it appears.

Just like boxing’s biggest star today Canelo Alvarez did from been battered by Floyd Mayweather a few years ago.

When he was younger of course.

Look at where Alvarez is today after everything he learned and used defeat to Mayweather to do better. One fight at a tie he’s shown that with the quality of his work.

As regards Shields.

She suffered a recent defeat in the sport of mixed martial arts.

She has now returned to what she knows best and her bread and butter.


Her next fight details have been now confirmed:

Should she win a huge fight with Savannah Marshall next year awaits surely.

She will have to be impressive however next up on December 11th.


Canelo Alvarez Will Be In Shock First Fight Of 2022

Canelo Alvarez Will Be In Shock First Fight Of 2022

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