It has been confirmed that not long ago super-welterweight champion Canelo Alvarez will next fight all the way up at cruiserweight.

Seems crazy.

But’s he going up there to take on the WBC champion.

To put into perspective cruiserweight is just below heavyweight.

There’s only two men in history who went from middleweight to heavyweight and won titles there.

Canelo came from super-welterweight (154 pounds) so this is something similar.

One cruiserweight kingpin is already humble enough to say he can’t beat Alvarez:

Alvarez has been quickly wiping out and removing anyone who’s got in his way in recent times.

Interesting to see how cruiserweight will go.

Here’s the recent epilogue on his latest win once again:


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Blonde Bombshell Reacts To Tim Tszyu Beating Inoue

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