The WBC Convention is underway in Mexico and one Floyd Mayweather has turned up out of the blew.

The former pound for pound number one and one of boxing’s all-time greats has made his thoughts known in no uncertain terms.

Speaking at the event Mayweather said to members present the following on the sometimes terrible judging in boxing:

(Hat tip Michael Benson)

He’s right.

Nobody gets it right all the time but some of the scores sometimes have not had helped boxing at all in any way whatsoever.

Amateur boxing has got things right from the most part with this year’s Olympics .

We talked about that extensively beforehand this year.

Hat tip to the Swiss lady and Russian gent who managed despite the world situation — to mostly put on a very good and fair Olympics for all the boxers involved.

Hopefully the consistently in professional boxing scorecards can continue to improve and follow in this regard as time goes on.

It will too.


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