Boxing Hall of Famer Speaks On The JFK Assassination

Everyone’s a bloody conspiracy theorist these days.

Too much noise, nonsense, distraction and aimless, mindless talk in many quarters.

That’s people for you.

That space today has been perpetuated and certainly not helped by big tech wanting to make more and more dollars at the expense of hooking people to their platforms.

That said, one thing a sharp mainstream media (an industry now terminally in decline since he passed) writer from New York said once comes to mind from a boxing context he occasionally covered.

When speaking about Mike Tyson that is when Tyson was out of his head, taking drugs before fights, going through his dark self-harm and self-sabotage days in the second half of his career.

The post-prime Tyson era where he was just getting by on fight ability and punching power basically. Nothing else.

A prime Tyson in the younger days with Italian-American Cus D’Amato training him would surely have flattened most heavyweights in history. A very good fighting machine.

In the second half of his career however the writer at the time said that Tyson while controversial was not making you watch him.

That no one broke into your home and made you buy those Tyson pay per views.

Those fights where no one including Tyson knew what was going to happen.

A human being at that point in time who was incorrectly portrayed as some sort of bogeyman monster by parts of narrative in subsections of media periodically.

Tyson today however is maybe more successful and in a better place than ever. Just shows you how life and God works in mysterious ways.

The truth of the previous time before that was that he was just a traumatic, injured, wounded individual. Two arms two legs. Nothing more. Nothing less. People are just people. All flawed and never as smart as they think. We’re all insignificant in the big picture.

The same concept applies when consuming positive or negative content in today’s times. Thinking positive or negative is a choice.

Therefore good and evil must be within all of us to some degree.


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We know we give the old quacks a hard time every now and then but maybe that’s that shadow concept some of them talk about it.

We’re morons though. We all are. Each to their own.

Regarding conspiracies none more infamous of course then the assassination of Irish-American President John F. Kennedy back in the day.

Many think the government hit him as an inside job but boxing Hall of Famer Bob Arum gives a different viewpoint here:

(Hat tip Barbershop Conversations YouTube)

Each to their own.

Good guy Kennedy. Nothing against him. Not a bad operator. Take our hat off to him. All credit to Kennedy at the end of the day.

In conclusion to the above on all the conspiracy stuff (some proved true and no longer conspiracies however) is that part of the issue that seems to be there with those giving big tech a hard time in Congress at the moment — is they also need to give these companies a fair shake.

At the same time.

There’s got to be balance there.

Freedom of Speech should be protected.

Workplace procrastination and millions of Americans quitting their jobs this year, all the unrest in the country and many being reluctant to go back to work for overly greedy corporations (sometimes but remember there’s plenty of great companies too more good than bad exists) isn’t always their fault either.

Each to their own.


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