4 Boxing Legends That Defended Country Remembered On Veterans Day

In an overly meaningless noise-ridden world that may seem to be on fire at the moment to some, there is still plenty of basic good things there too. Loads of them.

Putting this into perspective perhaps none more so than those that went before these times that gave their lives for the people of America today.

Boxing in its history had many defenders and protectors outside the ring.

Not many realize this.

Four boxing legends here remembered this week on Veterans Day pointed out:

Also boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard this week saying:

Rest in peace all of the above.

Simpler times indeed for the world.

Even though war was fought in combat then today’s modern world war all around us.

The real enemy of war, war itself.

Sad to see so many ‘world leaders’ so hopelessly lost and dependent on the system and institutions of the world that they will never truly be free.

They might live a few years more in this world which will eventually pass anyway. Never get too fond of this world as it’s only temporary.

They’ll get the answers they crave at the end when they have a choice surely in the moments before they meet their maker. Almighty God. Best to not take that chance though. Greatest lie the devil seems to be spreading is that you have time to turn to God near the end. Do it now seems to be the wiser choice. It’s happening now. If all around the world at the moment with everything going on isn’t proof enough of God and that the world is coming to an end — what is then. They’ll never understand that there’s way more saints (all true believers) than demons here on Earth. God crushes the devil and his weak minions within seconds. You’ve got authority over these distractions which are overrated. Enemies (demons and the devil) of God or God’s people get removed by God anyway. No problem. Simple.


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Gennady Golovkin First Fight Of 2021 Date And Location Confirmed

You’d don’t got to do nothing. Fight nothing. Let God do the fighting. Great advice from an individual one time. 99% of advice not to be paid attention to but if that good 1% stuff. That gem stuff. That God stuff (or whatever your own beliefs are) can be taken on board. That’s the legit stuff. God can fight better for you than even you can. Peace is the answer. Surrendering to Jesus Christ as lord and savior is the ultimate. He’s the King of the World anyway. So all you need is him. Not a bad ally to have eh.

Each to their own though. Respectfully.

We’re all just a bunch of insignificant morons at the end of the day. Some of this bull going on in the world hilarious. Easy to discern after a while. This life and world is short. Eternity forever though. None of us know it all. Anyone that says they do is a liar. Don’t listen to us. Pursuing peace with all people the name of the game surely. Love thy neighbor as thyself a two-way street.


Son Of Boxing Legend Returns Alongside Women's Boxing Legend

Son Of Boxing Legend Returns Alongside Women’s Boxing Legend

People bang on about Shakespeare quotes and other celebrities things sometimes and all this other false idolatry crap. Taking inspiration from people is cool but can only put your full trust in God at the end of the day. Some of the bull quotation books on the internet are nothing more than easy to spot devil trickery. Not of that garbage in the Bible. Worthless stuff. No longer relevant and in their last days terminally declining subtly Satanic-infiltrated programs, institutions and the like will eventually collapse quite quickly. No worries. As there will be no strong faith foundation behind them when the shake and rattle comes for them. It’s like building a house under no foundations. Sure. You can live a ‘morally good’ life for a while legally speaking. But you better hope nothing goes wrong. That no Earthquake comes along. You’ll need God then more than you might know. Humans, groups, ideologies, communities, quacks, scientists, governments, police or the army won’t be able to help or save any of us at the end. Death comes for us all. We’re only all just passing through.

No eternal credibility or substance without God in some of the false idol celebrity and political things. They’ll collapse and fold quickly.

But again, who’s to judge anyone or anything. Other than God, that is.

Respectfully each to their own.

You just have to have sympathy for some of these things.

At the end of the day life is good and God is good. Life good if you choose it to be on an individual level. Jesus Christ paid the price for all our errors.


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Bulgarian Boxing’s Favorite Fight Son To Take On UFC Legend

What about choice though on the way home to the Kingdom of God.

Remember when God gave Adam and Eve a choice in the beginning in Genesis (a term still frequently used by the world today). Didn’t he? Okay then.

Even then Adam blamed it on his missus when questioned by God. What was his reply to the effect of. Oh but she told me to eat the thing. No mate. You did that. Don’t blame your wife pal. God told you not to do it amigo. No one crosses the boss. God is ultimately all our boss. God knows best. In God we trust.

Good works while important not enough to get to heaven just on their own surely. Only way to God we know is through the son Jesus Christ. Surely a lot of not very perfect will be there. Just a lot of forgiven people. Under any perception of diluted morality. Or changed words to suit parts of the world as meanings or words changed over time. Progress and evolution two very different things. Words. What are they really. When you look at language of today’s times. They are meaningless really. From that of ancient Hebrew Jewish origination purpose of their creation to then change and differ to suit agendas and all that malarky as time went on.


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Amir Khan Builds Hospital And New Homes In Pakistan

On a positive note though. Things definitely getting a bit better in the world in parts. This situation that has gone on for two years now. Boring now to many surely.

Losing pace of being a story at this point. People sick of it. You can see why there is so much unrest. Up to us all as individuals to try to make things better best we all can you’d have to think. Think positive. Surround yourself with the right people. Listen, read and consume positive things works like a charm for you when you do it. Doesn’t it. Alright then.

In conclusion, big respect to all the above boxers above who risked their lives and paved the way for Americans and the greatest country in the history of the Earth.

Those men above shows how much of an impact boxing has had on humanity over the years in so many different ways through the years. Big respect to all of them.


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