Early numbers for last weekend’s mega event in Las Vegas look to be impressive commercially indeed.

Canelo looks again to have proven himself as the biggest star in boxing:

(Hat tip Keith Idec USA numbers N.B.)

We live in a time where price points and platforms are converging and jostling back and forth all the time.

As different audiences consume and engage content still in different ways.

More online for sure but still not at a point yet nor will it be for some time, if ever, where TV will be out of the equation. Still vital. Linear still hugely important for boxing and will be for many years ahead.

All platforms important and from a money and business point of view if both main event fighters were guaranteed around 50 million bucks the event would have easily being profitable.

The most important thing for boxing though as a sport is to keep growing.

Across all audience numbers both linear and digital. Very possible. Obviously while not losing the run of itself. Predictability impossible of course. Can’t predict anything if this last couple of years has not taught the world. But consistency possible for sure. Boxing just has to keep doing what its doing. Obviously doing something right by the above.

It’s all about the fights at the end of the day. It really is.

If enough compelling matches are put on people will tune in and take interest in the bouts and the characters and stories of the fighters involved.

While everyone seems focused on things like numbers, bull promotional rivalries (if everyone does well boxing does well thus everyone does well) and the like, it’s the matchmaking that no one is talking about.

The matchmaking in boxing over the last two years or so has been tremendous across the board.


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The undefeated ‘0’ thank God not as important anymore in boxing. Fighters can have a loss now and still not effect their value as long as they were in good fights.

Something boxing learned from UFC.

That said UFC is now learning from boxing in many ways too.

With UFC fighters more and more talking about boxing and wanting to compete in boxing worldwide too.

Boxing is clearly doing plenty of good things. For sure.

After taking a little time off and travelling here in Mexico (viva Mexico) recently nice to get a chance to sit down and time to look at some of the above. Did the volunteering judging recently at some professional fights here in Mexico. Nice to see things from that angle.


Video Shows Full Canelo Alvarez Word Title Haul

Watch: Video Shows Full Canelo Alvarez Word Title Haul

All in all as 2021 nears end boxing seems to be in a great place in all ways.

Kudos to all the boxers, trainers, boxing fans and all involved in boxing.

Boxing well and truly back as a sport worldwide now in its place within the pantheon of sport.

Much more to do though.

Professional boxing leading the way worldwide out of any sport since the world situation started about two years ago.

At approximate time of reported origin and genesis.

Roll on the end of the year for boxing.

Lot’s of good fights to look forward to.


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