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George Foreman On What Muhammad Ali Loss Meant

In the grand scheme of things many boxers would probably concede that losing a fight, while hurtful, isn’t the end of the road at the same time.

In life.

That is.

Or death.

For that matter.

Finishing the race of life surely more important.

Finishing the good fight of faith a longer battle. Ultimately a war with only one winner (God) after surrendering to God.

Or whatever anyone’s own beliefs are regarding life and death. Respectfully each to their own.

Today former heavyweight champion George Foreman was quick to point out some things from his perspective on life.

Like only he can.

Directed to one boxing fan who gave his reasons why he thought Foreman lost to Ali when they fought:

Well said by Foreman.

There is no quitting in life at the end of the day. Or stopping of pursuing goals and objectives until the job is done.

Fight until the death and even then surely God gives a choice on where you want to go before souls cross over at the final hour of death. In those moments after this world comes to a conclusion. Surely. Only two places.

Each to their own beliefs of course. Respectfully. Always important to respect and remember the dead and the departed souls at any rate.

As regards the above fight.

Still one of the great bouts in history.

Their quite brilliant ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ still one of the great fights in boxing history.

Here it is once more:

Great fight.

In today’s times, this weekend sees pound for pound number one and Mexico’s ‘Numero Uno’ Saul Canelo Alvarez fight Caleb Plant in a huge fight.

In the fight capital of the world no less. Back home in the good old USA no less. Back soon. Mexico is the business for now though. What a country. All day. Surely the second best country in the world after America. Viva Mexico.

The big fight this weekend will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The venue this weekend is the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

It is an undisputed fight for all the belts in the super-middleweight division.

Plenty of great fights to look forward to before the year is finished.

Boxing set to finish strong as thought by many.

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis also getting some good news on a rescheduled fight too next month.

Lots to look forward to.

Roll on.

Nice to see ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ finally dropping November 11th everywhere too.

About bloody time HBO. Apparently it is released now but everywhere worldwide by the above on HBO Go.

It should be some show. Looking forward to it.

A lot to live up to of course:

Plenty to look forward to before end of year.

Enjoy the boxing this weekend.

Huge fight in store.

Roll on.


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