Mikey Garcia Predicts Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant

It’s the big one on Saturday night.

Big time boxing returns this weekend with Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant in the super-middleweight division.

On the grandest of stages.

In the fight capital of the world.

The pinnacle and mecca of boxing.

The crème de la crème of the sweet science.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

A unification and throwback fight.

One that sees pound for pound number one Canelo take on undefeated champion Caleb Plant.

Both have come a long way in their fight careers to this date.

A fighter is perhaps only defined after his career is finished. When the story is done.

Showing how much he was willing to get back up after every heavy hit, heart break and tough times during the course of his journey and life time. Often dealing with pain that never goes away. Soul pain. When it comes to families and loved ones at least.

Both Alvarez and Plant know this in their lives and boxing careers.

Two great stories so far both these fighters. They are still writing their books however and are perhaps not even in their primes just yet.

They have shown this time and time again in their professional tenures thus far that they are willing to keep going.

To keep fighting.

Until the end.

Loyal characters the two of them.

Forging character required to form the necessary hope to succeed, and work ethics and strengthening of their minds too — and abilities and fight games — so far in their careers.

Granted, Plant is greener than Alvarez in experience but that can often be an advantage if he fights out of his skin and rises to the occasion.

As many world champions often do in these kind of fights.

Particularly with advice from technician and former pound for pound world’s best Andre Ward in the run-up to this weekend.

This weekend in Las Vegas, once again, they will pit wits for the championship of the world.

Ahead of the fight fighter Mikey Garcia leans towards Mexican fight star Alvarez:

“If Plant can fight the perfect fight it will go 12 rounds and make it difficult for Canelo. I still think Canelo wins and has more than enough. I think Canelo closes the gap after four or five rounds after adjustments. Then starts closing the gap and landing harder shots and possibly stops plant in the 8th, 9th round. 10th round latest.”

Very good fight in store this weekend.