Jamell Herring Drafts In Boxing Star For Shakur Stevenson

You know, the upcoming Jamell Herring vs Shakur Stevenson fight could actually be one of the best fights in boxing.

This year.

So much on the line.

For both.

Good clash of styles.

The up and coming Stevenson with the Olympic pedigree against the unassuming, likeable, hard-working marine in Herring.

Never write off a marine.

Sometimes there’s too much over thinking and psycho bloody analysis of the build up to some of these fights.

Sometimes the best fighter just wins on the night.

The guy who put in more work in preparation. Fail to prepare then prepare fail.


That’s the bloody prognosis sometimes. All psychology theories anyway are theoretical literature in nature and never can be definitive sciences. Any shrink or quack worth their salt would tell you that. Too much time wasting outside of the only truth there is, the Bible.

Ahead of the upcoming bout Herring, who defeated Carl Frampton to win the title in a supreme showing earlier this year in Dubai, has gone back to what he’s always done.

What he knows best.

What he understands.

Hard work.


He’s brought in a special fighter from the UK to help.

Amir Khan no less:

What a fight in store between Stevenson and Herring.

Not wise to write off Herring as some appear to be doing.

Great fight in store.

Roll on.


Corporate America Comes To Boxing In 100 Fight Event Pledge

Corporate America Comes To Boxing In 100 Fight Event Pledge