Danny Garcia Describes New Heavyweight Champion In 5 Words

Danny Garcia Describes New Heavyweight Champion In 5 Words

The term genius gets thrown around way too much in professional sport sometimes.

Sometimes though, at least in boxing, they actually come along.

A sport that can, sometimes, transcend the scientific nature of it into sometimes miraculous, the impossible.

That little space in life where sometimes unexplainable magic sometimes happens.

That’s why we all love boxing.

Newly crowned heavyweight champion Alexander Usyk of the Ukraine is indeed a modern day genius.

No doubt about it.

Former welterweight champion Danny Garcia described him in this mold — in five words:

From a boxing perspective, it is going to be very enjoyable indeed watching Usyk in the coming years.

He is already a certain Hall of Fame member but the thing is, he’s getting better.

Let that sink in.

There’s more to come. Much more.

Enjoy him while he’s here. It is going to be special.

The heavyweight division is once again buzzing.

As for Garcia, he last fought in December 2020.

A defeat to the superb pound for pound rated Errol Spence.

At 33 Garcia has plenty of time to come back and once again get into the mix in the welterweight division.


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